What Bed Size Should You Choose

Many people ask themselves, what bed size should you choose? When choosing the correct size for your bed, there are a variety of choices you have to consider to get the bed fit for you. Some of the key factors include.

The size of the room


This is the first thing you consider when selecting the bed size of your choice. Will the bed size you choose fit in the chamber? A small room requires a small bed. Luckily, for the twin sized beds and double beds, they fit in nearly all rooms.

When we consider a king sized bed or a queen sized bed, it is better to measure the room size in advance just to be sure on the correct size of bed to buy to avoid mistakes. It requires a much bigger room.

Number of people using the bed

This is a major determinant when selecting the best size of the bed. If the bed is for one person then a twin bed size is preferred. For couples, a queen-sized or a king-sized bed is the best option

Body size

If you are tall and the bed is for one person, then an extra-long double bed is a good choice. For short or medium sized people a standard sized bed is a good size.

How much space is needed?



Couples who love to cozy up with their partner definitely need a king size bed for that to happen.

There are those who prefer to have their personal space when they sleep. A single bed size or a double bed size will do just fine.

This may sound a little amusing, but there are those who like to spread themselves all over when they sleep. It gives them comfort. A double or a queen size bed will be a good option.


The size of the mattress


The bed size should equal the size of the mattress. They should fit perfectly. Therefore choose a bed size that will be easy to find the compatible mattress for it.


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