How to vacuum the carpet to remove all the dust and dirt

A beautiful quality carpet can change the interior beyond recognition. A fluffy floor covering will make the room cozy and will become precisely the semantic accent that will successfully emphasize the design idea and taste of the owners of the house.

But with the wrong care, even the most qualitative and delightfully beautiful carpet can become faded. And that’s not all, without proper cleaning, this detail of the interior will accumulate dust and can cause diseases of the respiratory system.

Keep clean and cozy in the house will help vacuum cleaners for carpets, these useful household helpers will make cleaning quick and efficient. Of course, if you take into account all the subtleties.

What kind of vacuum cleaner is right for you?

Care for the crystal clear home, brightness and freshness of fluffy flooring begins with the purchase of a quality vacuum cleaner. In the household appliances market, dozens of models are presented, differing in configuration, appearance and, of course, cost. How to choose the best one? The main thing is that the unit should be marked “for dry cleaning”.

How to vacuum a carpet

The operating principle of all vacuum cleaners is the same for dry cleaning. The unit draws in air, and with it the dust that has settled on the surface of objects and textile accessories. “Dirty cocktail” passes through a system of filters that detain dust. And the air in a refined form is returned to the room.
When choosing a vacuum cleaner, first of all, it is necessary to focus on the amount of work with which the unit will have to cope. For houses with a minimum of textile accessories, a model with a garbage bag is suitable. Lovers of the same carpet with a long nap can not do without a powerful vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter .

Cleaning rules from professionals

Specialists of cleaning companies and experienced landladies are happy to share tips that will help to clean quickly and efficiently. And importantly, you can save dear to your heart or an expensive carpet from spoiling.

pro vacuum a carpet

So, how to vacuum the carpet so that it remains color and fluffiness as long as possible?

  • Do cleaning at least once a week. Carpets and carpets attract dust, like magnets, it is hammered between fibers and later to remove it will be much more difficult.
  • Clean the filters after filling them with 2/3. Do not wait for the warning signal of the unit. The overflowed filter keeps dust down, and part of it will return to the house.
  • Once in 2-3 cleanings should be moved furniture and remove the dust under it. Between such global cleansing you can do with the use of a nozzle with a narrow nozzle.

Before the cleaning begins it is necessary to open the windows and organize a draft. Purified air must be discharged into the treated part of the room. Otherwise, the airflow will raise an entire dust cloud.


Secrets of cleaning and caring for carpets

powerful vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter

Using a powerful unit does not guarantee high-quality cleaning. Save the brightness of the floor covering and the structure of the pile will help techniques widely used by professionals:

  • To clean carpets from natural materials, you should use a brush with a long bristle. The palace is best cleaned with a short bristle attachment. Carpets with long napes are cleaned with smooth nozzles without bristles.
  • Before cleaning the carpet from synthetic threads it must be treated with an antistatic agent. This will simplify garbage collection.

Whatever the quality of cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, it is not enough. Twice a year these fluffy details of the interior should be knocked out in the fresh air. In winter – in snowy weather, in the warm season – in dry weather. And once in 2-3 years, give the carpet for professional cleaning in dry cleaning. Specialists with the help of suitable compositions will update the color of the coating and carry out the disinfection procedure.


Almost every person at least once held a vacuum cleaner in his hands and cleaned the floor covering with his help. But not everyone thought how to properly vacuum the carpet, so that the result of labor was noticeable at once and lasted for as long as possible.

After the household assistant has been prepared for work and the correct nozzle is attached to it, you can proceed:

  1. The room should be divided into conditional zones-squares. Start with the near right corner. Right-handers are usually more convenient to move from right to left.
  2. Consistently cleaning the square by the square, you should move to the door.
  3. Constantly monitor that the purified air is released into the treated part of the room.
  4. Movement should be uniform, reciprocating.
  5. Brush-nozzle should move along the pile. This technique will avoid deformation of the textile.
  6. Particular attention should be paid to the areas with the highest traffic: at the door, the entrance to the balcony, the upholstered furniture.
  7. After cleaning, you can wipe the dust off the surfaces and, if necessary, wash the floor.

If in doubt, whether it is possible to vacuum the carpet, nevertheless there are, for an explanation it is possible to address to the manufacturer. The bulk of textile floor coverings can be cleaned with the help of household appliances. The main thing is to do it regularly and carefully.