Hoover Platinum Cordless

I bought three of them. This “deceive me once, dishonor you, deceive me twice, dishonor me,” saying? Yes, it is applicable. The fact is that this vacuum cleaner is so convenient! It is small, light, easy to use and easy to store. Of course, this story is going crazy.

All three of my corpses with waterproof wings were very good for ten runs around the house. After that, each of them began to take less with each use. Then they became selective in that they would evacuate. Pets? Yes. Seeds or sand? No. All three also began to spit out all their contents when I shot them from the floor (climb stairs or clean up). Within a few seconds, all the debris in the canister will start splashing everywhere if I remove any of the three units from the floor.


I have become adept at removing the Hoover Platinum vacuum to prolong their lives: clean the filters religiously, remove any hooks on the hands, etc. Not enough, friends. I can never do enough.

The final, fatal moment will occur randomly for each unit. One decided to remove only parquet floors, completely turning off if I switched to carpet setting. The next one just completely disconnected one day during use and was never unified. The third block did not turn on for a single day (which had just been on the eve of Christmas – before the arrival of my guests).

In addition to these complaints, however, a small number. Easy, takes more for your initial use, before you give it up and immediately die soon after. Another complaint (apart from the fact that she bought three vacuums, whose fates were prematurely sealed) was that the cord was too short. Even during the heavenly honeymoon, when these guys are working, you will be driving yourself crazy from switching between outputs.

The engine of this vacuum stopped working after 6 weeks. During the last 3 weeks, I called customer service because this product is supposed to be under warranty. They keep me on hold for more than an hour, then the machine says they will call back what they do a few hours later, and then, if I’m not in a vacuum at that moment, tell me that I need to start the process again when I’m Home. They refuse to give me a straight line to really talk to someone. I finally refused to fulfill my “guarantee”. My last call, which I asked to talk to the manager, was that they forced me to postpone, and finally I had to hang up after 30 minutes.

I bought this because I have a lot of dog hair on my hardwood and a rug in the living room. It has two switches for carpet and hardwood. I thought that first he was working normally on the tree, then I noticed the fur around the edges of the vacuum, so I picked it up and saw that the fur was going to not suck. In a Hoover Platinum cordless vacuum, there is a small velvet finish, on which the hair sticks. He excelled at collecting small debris.

Now I use a vacuum on the carpet on the tree, it does not repel anything, and it allows the fur to suck, it works well on my rug. Thought will have more energy that does not take away my dog ​​food. In general, he does his job, and my house is cleaner and fur! Postscript I bought this from an Amazon warehouse for $ 42 without defects! It looked completely new, I was very impressed that I would definitely buy from the warehouse again for the price

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